About Us

The beginnings of Monsarrat Pallet Company in Memphis, TN can first be traced back to 1966. The GMA (Grocery Manufactures Association) standard pallet had just been introduced creating a demand for millions of pallets. W. F. (Bill) Monsarrat Sr. owned a millwork company called Southern Millwork and his son W. F. (Bill) Monsarrat Jr. worked with him.

Once the GMA was introduced, the company’s focus began to shift from building materials towards manufacturing wooden pallets. At that time, all pallets were manufactured by hand. So as the cost of lumber and labor increased so did the price of new GMA pallets. Companies that bought these pallets began to look for ways to save money, and the pallet recycling industry was born.

Seeing the cost advantages and revenue potential in this market, Southern Millwork began to recycle pallets. Over the years, pallet recycling began to account for a larger portion of Southern Millwork’s business. Then in 1982 Bill Monsarrat Sr. began to transition out of the pallet business and into retirement. So, later that year Bill Monsarrat Jr. started his own company, Monsarrat Pallet Company in Memphis, TN. After 15 years of solid success, his oldest son Jeff Foreman joined the company, and in 2007 his youngest son Mike came on board.

Where We are Today

Today, Monsarrat Pallet Co. offers a wide variety of pallet related services in Memphis, TN and the Mid-South. Our goal is not to just sell you a load of pallets, but to work with you to solve your pallet problems for the next forty years. That is why you can always talk to someone who knows what is going on, will give you an honest answer, and has an interest in helping your business. That is why our service is second to none on large or small orders, our pricing is competitive, and our quality is dependable.