Products & Services

At Monsarrat Pallet Company, we offer a wide range of pallet sizes to meet your individualized needs. Most pallet sizes are kept on hand in inventory at our Memphis, TN location, which allows for quick delivery time.

New Pallets

Standard sizes available, or custom built per your specifications.

Recycled Pallets

48 x 40’s are repaired using new lumber.

Pallet Pickup

We buy your damaged or excess pallets. We can drop a trailer or live load.

Plastic pallets

Used plastic pallets are perfect for small international shipments, because they meet ISPM 15 requirements.

Heat Treatment

We can treat any size pallet both new and recycled.

Color Coding

If you use multiple sizes or grades of pallets, each type will be specifically marked to avoid confusion and additional costs in shipping.

Pallet Design

Let us help you design a pallet for your specific shipping needs.


Same day or next day delivery available. Free delivery on orders as small as 160 pallets.